This time six months ago, my wife and I were looking at each other with a mixture of bemusement, excitement and fear.

Our tiny baby girl, 6lb 7oz, had arrived only hours earlier and suddenly we were responsible for her every demand.

We’d never looked after a child before, indeed I was usually the first to flee away from even holding one, and yet here I was with my own newborn to take care of.

(My initial fears and anxieties are summed up in this post I did for Geuther back in May)

But now, six months later, what’s changed?

An incredible number of things!

Long gone is the sleepy, rather grumpy, mini little newborn and in her place has grown a bright, alert, smiling baby. She loves to roll back to front (and occasionally back again) and will sit up unsupported. She has recently started on solid food and is grabbing her feet with great enthusiasm.

When I get home from work, it truly lights up my day to see her beaming smile and know that she is really happy to see me. There’s nothing better than that feeling. (If only I could train my class to do the same…?)

We are so grateful to God that by his grace he has given us Sophie. She has brought true blessing and joy (as well as anxiety, fear and a whole lot of baby wipes!) into our lives and we are so thankful for her.

Meanwhile, in terms of size, she’s gone from this…



to this…


…which is rather scary. When she was first born, anything bigger than newborn seemed absolutely gigantic. Can’t believe she’s in 6-9 month clothes and they’re fitting!

We’ve also discovered the limitless generosity of fellow parents and are so grateful. Sophie has been the most spoilt little girl in terms of borrowed clothing and equipment. And all far cooler clothes and designs than we would think to choose!

What’s more, she’s turning into a real social character. Happy to visit school, family, even weddings. In fact, yesterday she was grinning so much at two fellow babies (both male!) that Jess described her as “flirting”! As her Dad, I surely have to shut this down imminently 🙂

I’m also really thankful to Sophie for getting me into this blogging. Finally a purposeful way of exploring my desire to write. Which I’m sure you lot are all so grateful for!!!

The next six months brings road trips to weddings in the deep south, Christmas and more adventures with all sorts of food. Bring it on!