It was so lovely last night to watch Becs in her element – chatty, enthusiastic, exuberant. She came across as warm, great fun and bursting with creative energy.

What a shame that was only on The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

After six consecutive weeks on the losing team, time was up for Rebecca Jeffery on yesterday’s episode of The Apprentice.

Faced with the challenge from Lord Sugar to step up as PM after her performance on the previous task, she faced an uphill battle when it was a task that required in-depth London knowledge and the confidence to do some hard negotiating.

Not really what our Manchester-based, lovely lady is best equipped for.

So she didn’t take up the PM role (as the BBC editors very much enjoyed pointing out) and her lot was cast.

After that, a nightmare mistake to head halfway across London in search of tagine and soap, only to end up with tahini and soup left her heading for the fickle finger of firing.

And so it proved, Lord Sugar deciding that based on past performance and prospects moving forward her stint on the show was over. Becs herself said later, “I was relieved.”

Better things to do now

Better things to do now

The overriding feeling as a hugely supportive viewer is one of disappointment for her that she didn’t get chance to showcase her skills. Maybe The Apprentice process isn’t right for someone of her personality and temperament – as she colourfully expressed in the taxi on the way home… didn’t see that coming Mrs Jeffery!

However, there were opportunities missed for her to show off what she could do and it was clear that her determination not to tread on other people’s toes and natural humility counted against her.

I mean, she didn’t even get to dance in the Liberty’s shop window!

Added to that was the fact the teams didn’t freshened up particularly as she was left in a team lacking spark and energy. Mukai and Paul were mainly in leadership positions and nobody backed Becs to take on more responsibility.

In a more open-minded team or just with Courtney, Dillon, Samuel and Trishna (earlier) split up from team Titans it might have stopped Nebula from going into such a repetitive cycle of loss.

On air though, Becs came across as someone lacking in energy and zest, as far removed from the real Becs as I think they could have gone.

Fortunately, half an hour on You’re Fired and a whole host of radio interviews today set the record straight.

Her uncharacteristic taxi rant belied her true personality. Fun-loving, happy and successful, Rebecca Jeffery’s business will continue to thrive and good luck to her.

And hey, she’s increased from 793 Twitter followers to 4300 (and counting).

I’m just looking forward to inviting her and her top husband sometime in the near future round for soup and tagine to find out all the show’s secrets…

Can’t wait.