Sleep time part 2

As my last post suggested, there are many ways in which parents seek to get their child to sleep.

Our current, fool-proof (ish) strategy?

Rely on a sheep!

I know…I can baaarely believe it myself!

Not the age-old method of counting sheep of course. Talented as Sophie is, she is not quite able to count forwards or backwards just yet.

However, over the past few months, we have put our faith in a sheep to lull Sophie to sleep and become almost completely reliant on him.

Ewan, the “Dream Sheep“, has a melodic lullaby he sings and it’s our go to method whenever Sophie is distressed. Put her in her cot, whack Ewan up to full volume then close the door and let him do his thing. Invariably it works.

So much so in fact, that after a disturbed night, at 3 in the morning I found myself frantically searching for batteries to keep Ewan’s magic working. When I found them I needed to locate the small screwdrivers to unlock his battery compartment and swap them over. Only then could I retire to bed safe in the knowledge Sophie would fall back to sleep. Did it work?


I can recite his lullaby now from start to beginning (and it lasts 20 minutes!!) but he has got us out of a sticky situation with a very angry daughter on a number of occasions.

Don’t make the mistake of applying the wrong setting though. He has four options and the others vary from drum and bass heartbeat to all-out boy racer soundtrack.

Not great for sleeping!

What do we do if we’re out and Ewan is back at home? Well, if Sophie doesn’t fall asleep thanks to some natural stroke of luck (!), we rush back and settle her in to listen to Ewan’s comforting tones once more.

Ah Ewan the Sheep…outstanding in your field ;).


  1. It’s all about routine, get them into one and stick to it as much as possible #childrenloveroutine

  2. Glad he does what it says on the tin. Worth all the stress!

    • Joe

      November 13, 2014 at 10:46 pm

      Yep, definitely. After he was so much trouble to track down, Ewan has been amazing! Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend 🙂

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