Sophie and the New Baby

Good news is infectious.

It’s something you want to share with other people, it makes you smile when you think of it and it brightens up your day.

With that in mind then, I am delighted to be sharing with you that my wife is pregnant again and Sophie is going to be a big sister.


Seems like the perfect book to help her understand!

When we had Sophie two and a bit years ago, it was completely life-changing (as anyone who has read this blog will know). It’s been wonderful and special in so many different ways, challenging in a few for sure, but mainly it’s been a joy and a delight to parent her, to watch her growing up and hitting milestones and to see how she has changed.

We count ourselves so blessed to have had her and the thought of adding a second little one to our family is beyond exciting!

Watching the scan today I was struck by what a remarkable tiny thing a foetus is. It was wriggling about a bit which was amazing to see and there was its little heart pumping and even its minuscule ears could be identified. It was remarkable.


For that little thing, grown out of two cells, to look like a human child after just twelve weeks is pretty mind-blowing and for it to emerge into the white light of our world in about twenty eight weeks time as a lifesize baby is incredible.

What a gift.

I’m aware though as I write this post that not everybody gets this experience. And not every pregnancy which starts has a happy ending.

Since we had Sophie, it’s not been all plain sailing for us. In fact, just back in October, we suffered the heartbreaking loss of a miscarriage. We know how painful it is to become overwhelmed with joy about the good news of a child only to have that wrenched away again.

And we know of how hard it is sometimes to hear of other people’s joy when you are in situations like that. I guess that my prayer for anyone who has been through or is going through hard times when it comes to wanting children is that they will have the strength to combat it and experience something of God’s love through it.

He knows what it’s like to lose a child. We do too, albeit one we hadn’t got to know just yet, and we are so grateful to his mercy and grace for the opportunity to reach 12 weeks with a second one.

And so we progress on with this pregnancy. The news has been announced and that’s really exciting.

It’s now perfectly OK for us to start looking more pregnant. We’ve told Sophie that she is going to be a big sister and asked her if that is OK… her response, cutely, was “That’s fine.”

This house that God has blessed us with is going to be populated with another.

The daftest thing? The baby is due one day after my wife turns 30. Looks like I’m going to have to cancel the Italian vineyards the snowboarding in the Alps and the Roman skydive.

Those celebrations can take a different shape.

Celebrations for a new family member are another matter entirely.

And I, for one, can’t wait.

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  1. Hi we are so pleased to hear your news .Your Mum / Dad have kept it very quiet .So sorry about the miscarriage .Take care both .love Mary Maurice x x

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