Some people would argue that education is the most important thing in life.

Well, if that argument has any weight, then Sophie has certainly started early!

Being a school teacher, I have the “joy” of working with children and young people day in day out, and they actually miss me (or at least notice the absence!) when I’m away. So when Sophie was born three months ago, there was an awful lot of excitement in my Year 6 class.

Handmade cards (complete with ginger babies), chocolates and posters adorned my classroom when I came back off paternity leave to welcome the little girl into the world. One girl had even made a beautiful button picture which we now have on Sophie’s wall.

I had to take her in to school to visit them and say thank you.

My wife brought Sophie into my expectant classroom, the children wide-eyed with amazement as they admired her tiny features. She wasn’t bothered – sitting there pouting in my arms as she scanned the room.

We played “Ask Sophie” – an off-the-cuff chat show where they could go no-holds-barred with their questioning. Michael Parkinson, eat your heart out.

The usual questions were asked – what’s your favourite food? (milk), how much do you sleep? (not enough),  what do you do during the day? (go on exciting trips round Manchester!). I was pretty impressed by the “What’s your lifetime achievement?” question. Being born, her pretty reasonable answer!

In fact, she’s so articulate that perhaps she should have taken the SATS tests along with the children. Nursery rhymes come up in those exams?

What happened next? Well, she screamed in the staff room (not an uncommon occurrence) and then promptly fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Perhaps she’s not quite ready for school after all!