My mum and dad are so silly – always trying to get me watching sport!

And after a week of being forced to watch hundreds of people running, chucking, jumping, and swivel walking (sometimes all at once!) I felt it was important to put together my own review of the champs.

So here goes.

First up to a very fast little British dude who the whole of Africa try to take on but simply can’t beat! I liked how he gritted his teeth every time he ran down the back bit of the track – except for when he went to get the water. It was funny how far they made him run! Although what’s the weird two crabs on his head celebration all about? How bizarre.


Then to a very tall man who was incredibly fast. No, I’m not talking about daddy wanting his dinner but the massive guy in the yellow vest who liked to point two hands at the sky.  Apparently he was the symbol of purity and goodness , whatever that means.

I liked watching the lady whose name was basically a copy of mummy’s name before she was married. She was amazing doing all those events! I saw her in Manchester running around and apparently her little boy Reggie is a bit younger than me. I’d probably beat him in a race at the moment – but not for much longer!

Then there was that nice ginger chap who runs very very fast and then jumps very very far. He put on a pretty cool waistcoat at one point…why?!

I do like how they get shiny things to put round their necks although I don’t understand why they don’t eat them? They do look very tasty.

It was fun watching the chucking events. They throw balls, balls on sticks, plates and long sharp sticks as far as they can. Not sure what the point is though? Point. Geddit?  Worth a try.

So now when I grow up I want to be a runner. Or a chucker. Or a jumper. Or a swivel walker. Or maybe all of them. Although I am getting a bit sleepy just thinking about it. Maybe I’ll go for a lie down instead…