While Team GB are scurrying around Rio de Janeiro defeating the rest of the world and covering their necks with gold medals, the next generation are getting stuck into sport and training for future Olympics.

None more so than two and a half year old Sophie, whose commitment to her fitness regime has been stretched recently and she has come out stronger than ever.

Last weekend, we headed down to Media City UK and the official Team GB fanzone hosted by Muller yoghurt.

Sure, Sophie was a bit distracted by the dairy treats on offer (who wouldn’t be?) but once she’d got that out of her system, she was ready to hit the activities.

First up, some core strength building in the standing long jump. Not fazed by the fact the competitor immediately before her had soared out to well over 2m, Sophie took her Mummy’s hand, tensed her legs and counted to 3 before whistling through the air to reach just over a metre.

After that, the precision of her hand-eye coordination was put to the test in a stringent “balls-through-the-holes” exercise. Displaying the dead-eyed consistency of the most elite shooters, she thrashed through the plastic balls, blasting them through the holes and scoring a whole host of points.

Following that, we took in the race track, a velvety carpet of red and blue where Sophie could charge down at her leisure. Being naturally competitive, she took out the pace really hard and I struggled to keep her as she fired down the track. Not content with reaching the finishing line, she swivelled on a sixpence and blistered back the other way like her feet were made of rocket fuel. Usain Bolt is not a patch on our little one!

All in all, a successful performance from our little girl. Far more so in fact than her hapless Daddy, whose attempt to do the Triathlon collapsed in a sea of jelly legs. 1000m blasted out on a bike was fine but having to jump over a hurdle with two feet completely messed with my body and I simply couldn’t do it. Embarrassing.

Still I guess that now I’ve passed the magical 30 mark, my career is steadily on wane. Sophie’s on the other hand, is only just beginning!