What’s been on Sophie’s menu this Christmas?

Well, quite a lot actually!

As Christmas rolled around we weren’t entirely sure how she would get on. Food is usually really filling and chunky at Christmas but if she didn’t want it, she could be left really hungry instead!

My wife initially tried to sabotage Sophie’s menu the day before Christmas Eve – her rendition of “How to Ruin A Perfectly Great Dish Simply By Adding One Horrendous Ingredient” continued apace when she persisted with chucking spinach into a lentils dinner Sophie was having.

Usually Sophie loves lentils but the sight of stringy green leaves is an automatic turn-off for her. And I’m not completely surprised!

On Christmas Eve, Sophie tucked into an amazing piece of salmon, after a large amount of deboning! No need to wait for the cooked salmon to cool…by the time we’d taken every last tiny bit of choke hazard out it was at a great temperature for eating. And she loved it!

Christmas Day was the important one though and as she sat down at the table with my family for potentially three courses, I was a little bit nervous.  Even her amazing Sophie snowman mat and child-sized cracker didn’t put me fully at ease.

Questions whizzed round my brain. Would she like the food? Would she be patient while other people finished? Would hers be cool enough for it to eat it?

For starter, we played it safe. A couple of pieces of French baguette. A classic time-consumer that Sophie loves. The rest of us were enjoying Morecambe Bay Shrimps – a dish of true family heritage.

However, while munching my way through, I noticed a little girl paying particular interest to the food on my plate. Tentatively, I offered her some…within seconds of her mouthful she was back for more. I guess once you’ve tasted the North West Riviera there’s no going back! I managed to convince my wife to also share her shrimps with our determined daughter otherwise my portion would have been devoured.

Eric Morecambe would be proud of Sophie's shrimp eating!

Eric Morecambe would be proud of Sophie’s shrimp eating!

Main course was the crucial turkey and trimmings. Last year she had slept through it so we had no idea how it would go.

When it initially came it was piping hot and had a beautiful appealing glow to it. Unfortunately, due to the heat, Sophie couldn’t start and I could sense her getting frustrated. Quick as a flash, I handed her a bit of my turkey. What a result! She loved it.

My Mum gave her some veg, gravy and some terrific pigs in blankets. She wolfed down the meat – Daddy’s girl – and enjoyed the gravy. Vegetables? She wasn’t quite as keen but still had a hearty meal.

The Bird - 2007

As I anticipated she did get a little bored but that was OK because she could play next to the table. Pudding was yoghurt, consumed much later on and after that we had one sleepy and very content little girl on our hands.

Meanwhile, on Boxing Day, slices of beef and gammon were tucked into, hummus as ever proved very popular and bits of tomato and a few crisps kept her very entertained.

And so, with Christmas over, and full of gratitude for wonderful food and time with family these past few days, have we any worries about the potential slimming down of Sophie’s belly?

Strict workout regime in the New Year? Quite possibly!