Not only is Sophie now experiencing nightmares (perhaps. See last post), she is also starting to enjoy travel.

Of course, being related to me she doesn’t do things like most normal children.

For, if you put her on her hands and knees and expect her to crawl, you’ll soon have a very upset child on her hands.

Rather, and I’m delighted to admit this, she’s a bum-shuffler!

Never underestimate the speed of the bum shuffler.

If there’s a mirror anywhere near by or an object which she should not be touching, Sophie can seriously motor.

At the moment, her favourite game is to scuttle across the floor to the bookshelf/TV stand, pull all the books off and then scuttle off again.

Guess whose job it is to tidy those up?!

After she’s done that, she’ll find any rogue slipper which happens to be lying around…she particularly likes my wife’s due to the strange bobble thing on it (fashionable apparently).

When she’s done tasting those, she’ll be off again, probably scouring under the sofa looking for some dust to eat.

It used to be that you could plonk her on the mat with some toys and she’d be quite happy to remain in the same place. Now, it’s all about watching her like a hawk – Have you seen her? Which way did she go?

It does bring amusement to us though and she’s not yet fast enough to catch my Roller Ball present. Those glorious days are coming though – I can feel it.

And so, like father, like daughter…long live the bum-shufflers!