Sophie’s Rage Against the Machines

Sophie has just moved up a room at nursery to the Teenies, a place where 18-24 month olds cause carnage. I’m not sure that’s exactly what the publicity for the room says but it’s something similar!

We’re thrilled as all her friends are in that room and shed quite outgrown Baby 2.

However, if the end result replicates anything similar to this week’s angry outbursts, I might not be quite so sure about it!

Essentially, Sophie’s angst was about three things. All daddy requests. All important things Sophie needed to do. None of them wanted. And two of them involving vital safety contraptions which she isn’t a huge fan for!


Firstly, her coat. We can’t all live in sunny Leyland where it has been beautifully bright. The fog had descended, it was bitterly cold and Sophie needed a coat on. She wasn’t having any of it. Cue frustrated back arching in nursery itself.

Secondly, the calm and simple request for her to sit in her buggy. She said; “No”, cuddled in tighter then clung like a limpet to my shoulders. I had to wrestle her, safely of course, into he seat and put the stamps around her. She was not happy, screaming in rage as we walked down the street and concerned passers-by gazed hesitantly at my red-faced daughter.

Somehow I was remaining calm although my instinct was to rant and rave and tell her off. I figured that a public scene would not help Sophie at all and what was better way to keep talking to her in a calm voice and sort it out at home. Far easier said than done.

We made it to the car and we needed to transfer yet again. She must have been fuming. To get to the car seat, we went in the wrong side and traversed across the seat belts and in. She was too stunned by the trajectory to put up a protest but once she was in her seat she realised her predicament and the fury came rushing back.

Sophie’s rage continued throughout the short journey home but once out of her car seat and sitting in front of her dvd with hummus and breadsticks, Sophie did calm down. She even apologised (after a bit of prompting!).

A wise friend once told us that when everything’s going wrong and your child is losing the plot, remember and cling on to the idea it will all be sorted out in twenty minutes. And she had to employ this in times of paint, new carpets and DIY equipment so she should know!

All I can say is that the 20 minute thing worked well this time. I get the feeling I may be in need of this strategy more and more as Sophie settles in to her action-packed new nursery room!


  1. She sees to be growing up very fast and having tantrums .I really love reading your write ups .What about Bonfire Night did you have fireworks ?love to you all M M x x

    • Joe

      November 8, 2015 at 10:22 pm

      Thanks for your kind comment. She certainly is growing fast! No bonfire this year. She’s a bit small and has too early a bedtime! We were more worried that the fireworks would wake her up! Trust you’re both well? I hear congrats to Ian are in order for his degree!

  2. These toddlers all behave as if they had read a textbook on child development. Congratulations Joe on your patience.

    • Joe

      November 8, 2015 at 10:22 pm

      That made us laugh out loud! Patience is something I’m fast discovering I don’t have an endless supply of. My class be warned!

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