Well she’s still there – good on you Becs for making it through the first third of The Apprentice 2016.

Wow it’s been tough viewing though!

Week 1: Boardroom Becs

We tuned in extremely excitedly to the first week of this season. Snippets of what was to come – like Becs putting her whole fist in her mouth! – had given us a taste but we couldn’t wait to see her strut her business stuff on screen.

Unfortunately, her idea of Click wasn’t taken on by Team Nebula – bizarre name – and the rest of the task was spent trying to flog dodgy antiques to unsuspecting locals.

At least she recognised the green vases were valuable, even if Natalie went and sold them for just 15 quid.

To our horror, Becs ended up in the boardroom with a mere £25 of sales next to her name. And let’s be honest, selling is the only skill Alan Sugar really cares about.

It was touch and go. She was given a hard time for apparent lack of contribution and lack of money made. Fortunately, the fickle finger of fate pointed to Michelle and she was safe.

I’m sure she was grateful for her husband’s encouraging words, “Just don’t get fired in the first week.” No pressure, then.


Week 2: Staking her “claim”

Task Two seemed made for her. Brand, market and advertise an item. Indeed, so confident was she that she could deliver, she put herself forward to be Project Manager only to be manoeuvred out of it.

Unfazed, she still took charge of creativity. “Unclaimed” the brand was her funky name. “Claim Your Fit” as a tagline was cool and quirky – the others just didn’t get it, so devoid were they of creativity. Becs ploughed on, avoiding the meltdown of Jessica and making sure she kept herself professional and focussed.

Her pitch was well-delivered and friendly and, despite both teams losing (probably because Lord Sugar just wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before), she was commended and it was unanimously agreed that she should have been PM.

Great jobs, Becs.

Week 3: A rocky moment for Nebula

Her creativity came back to bite her this week in the confectionary task. Sent round Brighton to sell sweets, her weak Project Manager Oliver was indecisive and unable to come up with a coherent plan.

Again, Becs took charge of branding. “Suck it and see” perhaps an overly risque name but, let’s be honest, who else was coming up with ideas? That should have elicited a giggle and provoked more discussion. However, with nothing else on the table, they were left with that as a name for their stick of rock.


The team imploded. Mukai and Paul went for each other’s throats on the streets of Brighton while Oliver tootled around on his trolley doing sweet nothing.

In the boardroom, Becs was never in danger but her team lost again – Oliver the fall guy this time.

Week 4: Her head on the “shopping block”?

First of all, it should be pointed out that her team was at a chronic disadvantage. Already one man down, the loss of Aleksandra before they’d even got going left them two team members behind the other side. Easily enough manpower to sell the extra bag they would have needed to win the task.

Despite a decent performance, they lost although we spent the whole episode watching Becs get primed for a window spot only to be denied the opportunity to see her prancing around a London shop trying to attract customers. Not her fault. Still, there was no chance she would be in the bottom three. She hadn’t made mistakes or caused issues. Even so, a backstabbing move from Paul tried to pin the blame on her. Thanks mate.

Then, Grainne announced she was bringing back Kharthik and Mukai and we relaxed massively. Becs was safe.

Shockingly, the PM back-tracked and asked for “Kharthik and Rebecca” instead. Outraged, we shouted at the TV – “How can Mukai be safe?” I was tempted to throw something but then the hideously indecisive PM returned to her original two and Becs was ushered back to the house. Phew.

So, that’s been the four weeks. Three and a half defeats. No PM-opportunity as of yet but clinging on. Come on Team Becs – we’re still rooting for you (just make it a bit less stressful for us will you?!)