Forget Lewis Hamilton and the start of the brand new F1 season.

The fastest thing on four wheels is our little girl and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Our birthday present for Sophie was a scooter which she has already taken to her heart.

Initially a bit sceptical – she dead on refused to wear a helmet! – we’ve managed to show her the joy of careering along a path and now she’s hooked.

The other day she was round at some friends of ours whose three year old was zipping and zooming around.

From that point Sophie was not only happy to have a helmet plonked on her head but she was also keen to get scooting. I suppose if it’s good enough for other children (and  Hamilton!), it’s good enough for her.

And scoot she certainly did.

Lewis is not a patch on Sophie

Lewis is not a patch on Sophie

They had set up a mini course round their front garden and Sophie lost her initial fears and went tearing round it. Well, I say tearing. The scooter remains a little bit big for her and her helmet is still rather heavy and was wobbling all over her head, but she was making up some ground.

To be honest, it’s probably fair to say that the only thing holding her back is the vehicle we’ve put her in. Like Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa, it’s all very well being fast drivers but if your wheels aren’t the best, then you’re not going to come out on top!

Nevertheless, I was able to give her some direction and allow her a chance to push off from me and make headway. There was a little slope that gave her a bit of momentum and the smile on her face was priceless.

We’re hoping this will be the start of a  beautiful friendship between Sophie and her scooter.

It’s just the speed that worries me. Anyone got a copy of the Highway Code?!