World Cup stickers…remember them?

They were rather popular about two months ago as people across the globe went Brazil 2014 crazy.

And then it ended. The Germans won (just not on penalties) and the World Cup finished. So did the collecting.

Or so my class, my baby daughter and my wife (probably) thought.

However today, I finally finished my album!


I’ve flirted with finishing sticker albums before – check out my previous post on this. But never before have I been able to cross the line. (And of course, when I use the phrase I, I’m meaning the collective for me, Sophie and my now ex-class!)

Some amazing people have massively helped. Sarah and Sarah donated all their swaps – bonus! –  Vicki and my Mum and Dad were very kind in purchasing packs and Fergus of Year 6 gave me a tremendous wodge of stickers. Sure, there were about eight Andrea Pirlos in there (and I’d already got him anyway) but most made their way into the book.

With 100 to go, it was time to cough up the cash to fund the last lot. I hoped they’d make it in time for the end of term but 7-30 days for delivery meant I was too late.

As we prepared to go away, parcels kept arriving but these were just variations on eBay orders from China – should never have given Jess my credit card details. No sign of the stickers.

But then on return from holiday yesterday, I was greeted with a welcome envelope which Sophie gleefully grabbed.

Sophie is so thrilled the stickers have arrived

Sophie is so thrilled the stickers have arrived


…er what do I do with it now?