Supermarket Baby!

“Baby’s crying!” Shouted the toddler in the buggy at the neighbouring checkout.

That’s the point I realised my shopping trip was falling apart…

My new household job (potentially a permanent one) is to go food shopping on Saturday morning with our baby girl in tow. This, while my wife charges round the local park on park run smashing her PB and generally being a fitness legend.

So Sophie and I went to Morrisons to try it out. It was my first experience since she learned to sit and I was quite excited about putting her in the trolley compartment.

Good for fruit and veg apparently

Good for fruit and veg apparently

Little did I realise that it was designed for two babies and she was very small sitting in it. And, while she can sit unaided, she’s not always the most secure.

Still with trusty fluffy rabbit Flopsy in hand she seemed happy enough and off we went.

It started well. I bought Sophie half the fruit and vegetables section (she’s weaning. That means pea, pear, pumpkin and peach puree is an entirely acceptable dish) and lots of old ladies were smiling at her. She was beaming back.

Then I turned my back and my previously happy little girl slowly slid sideways. I swivelled round to see her topple left and knock her head on the trolley! Poor thing! Desperately I gave her a cuddle but suddenly my child was an understandably whimpering wreck.

Determined to carry on I propped her up, first with a Pepsi max bottle and then (when that looked less than secure!) our bag of carrier bags. It sufficed!


Super speed trolley!

She got a bit upset and tired as we approached the checkouts but I pleaded for her to hang in there. Giving her a cuddle, I legged it to pick up bread and then she made friends with the next door toddler who delighted in shouting “Baby smiling!”

As I had my back to her to stack the conveyor belt it was a handy status update! Or it was, until the line “Baby crying!” cut through my organised stacking.

I thought it would be ok. Hang in there right? Until I checked on Sophie whose face looked perilously sad and two lonely tears trickled slowly down her cheeks.

I felt so guilty.

Muddling through the shopping I rushed home and handed her back to her mummy.

Have I got the job?? Sure hope not!


  1. Awww… Supermarket trips are perilous at the best of times. I went on my own this week, leaving the girls with Dave after our last attempt: try two screaming toddlers at the check-out!!

    • Joe

      October 1, 2014 at 10:30 pm

      I can’t imagine any Sims children screaming at the checkout….
      Actually, I’m terrified of toddler age! If she’s anything like me, she’ll be a nightmare 🙂

  2. Love to read your stories, joe!

  3. George likes to take all the things off the shelves. He thinks he is helping! Well done on being up for the challenge though Joe. I don’t think Andrew would be so enthusiastic!

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