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Happy 1st birthday Harry

When Sophie turned one, I couldn’t quite believe how fast the time had gone.

That’s nothing compared to how quickly year one has been for Harry.

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3rd birthday parties – a sensory overload

Harry has just started a Baby Sensory class with my wife on a day when Sophie is at nursery.

Run by an old friend of ours, Rachel, Hartbeeps has been a great experience for him (and my wife), especially if the array of outfits, comedy headgear and smiling photographs is anything to go by.

I’ve not been yet but my sole experience of Baby Sensory – or Toddler Sensory more like – was at a third birthday party of Sophie’s nursery friend recently.


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Turning 30

In many ways, it’s been a pretty momentous week.

But, after some frustrating news on the Brexit and personal front (all in the space of 12 hours!), my 30th birthday weekend has been absolutely wonderful and I am in awe of my wife’s amazing organisational skills and incredible love.

It all started with a little girl waking me up singing “Happy Birthday Daddy!”, tunefully and happily. Lovely!

Then, the surprises began…

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Pizza Express with a toddler, at 5pm? – really?

We decided that we’d take Sophie out for a  birthday dinner last week. We must be getting more sophisticated – Pizza Express is pretty high brow for a 2 year old!

I wouldn’t describe her as your classic food critic. You know the types I mean? They swan on to Masterchef and run their sceptical eyes and tastebuds over food which looks amazing but, apparently, doesn’t taste anything like as delicious.

However, if she doesn’t like something, she’ll make her views known pretty clearly (just not  very eloquently)!

So a lovely restaurant like Pizza Express, especially at the end of a week where she had been quite ill, was a risky decision…


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A year on from the beginning…

At 5pm Monday 10 March 2014, I was getting ready to attend an antenatal class before going out for one final “posh” meal with my wife as a couple.

Our unborn child wasn’t due for another two weeks so we had plenty of time, particularly as first children very rarely come early – as a really good friend of ours can attest after her patience was stretched to the maximum, waiting for hers to arrive!

In theory, we therefore had plenty of time then to visit Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant in town, see the singer who sang at our wedding performing and generally have a memorable evening together.

And then, just after I got back from school, my wife tentatively announced; “I think my waters have broken…” and everything changed.

Just as well I’d come home from work actually. Initially I was going to meet her at the antenatal class and she was going to get the bus…that could have been awkward!

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Archive Post – Bundle of Joy? Not at first!

On the eve of Sophie’s 1st birthday, this is the very first blog post I wrote about our life with her.

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced these types of feelings when they first met their brand new child – looking back I totally stand by them, even though they seem counter-intuitive and have been utterly overtaken and swamped ever since!

Read on for more.

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