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How Sophie’s shepherd nativity debut unfolded

I’ve seen a lot of school nativities in my time.

Usually, there are a whole host bunch of ridiculously cute small children wearing tinsel, tea towels and terrified faces acting out a vague interpretation of the Christmas story to an excitable sea of uber proud parents, grandparents and other assorted adults.

It’s usually lovely.

But throwing Sophie into that mix was quite nerve wracking. Sure I was very excited about the show, but what if something went wrong…?

I was delighted to get the time off work to go. My manager actually anticipated it asking me if I had one to go to. So I rushed out of work and made the trek across town desperately hoping I wouldn’t be late.

Sophie had been singing the songs with gusto at home for a good five weeks.

Initially she told us she was an angel and we were imagining white dresses halos and a pretty glamourous look.

We got a bit suspicious though when her favourite songs were We must go to Bethlehem and Look, there’s an angel. Surely angels wouldn’t be quite so startled to see one of their own?

Turned out she was a shepherd.

So tea towels after all then.

We saw Sophie coming in with her class to sit down and as soon as she saw us she shrunk back into the teacher, a coy grin plastered all over her face. 

They’d done all the costuming. A deep blue cloak, manly headdress and a little sheep to clutch. We beamed with pride although there was that ridiculous feeling inside – what if she makes a mistake? Sure she wouldn’t.

Next to me her grandparents were so overwhelmingly excited. Pity we couldn’t really see her from our seats. Her lookalike best friend was wearing exactly the same costume and sitting next to her, constantly blocking our view. Occasionally she’d stand up for a quick second, shoot us a grin and an embarrassed wave and then bob down again.

Still we knew she’d be pumping out the showtunes, a veritable array of awesome children’s carols. Every now and then we’d catch a glimpse of her face and she was so happy.

Narrators bumbled on and off, powering out their words with great enthusiasm and a very cute lack of flow and rhythm. That’s Reception for you.

My favourite character was the donkey. A child in a onesie with a girl in a blue dress and a balloon tummy following him round the stage. Classic.

Finally, it was Sophie’s big moment. The shepherd dance.

She bounded on and jumped her little heart out to the sound of Jump jump jump there’s an angel. It was amazing.

She was probably only on stage for twenty seconds or so but the feeling of parental pride was immense. So lovely. And she smashed it as well.

Afterwards she allowed herself the honour of waving frantically at us, briefly, before disappearing off with her teacher to get changed and return to 2017. The consummate professional.

And so, as we gathered up the tissues which had collected our tears of pride, we thought that was pretty fun.

Same time next year?

The best thing about Christmas

I’ve been a bit of a wimp so far this Christmas.

Challenged to come up with the best things about Christmas, I went along with the standard list that everyone else was saying: presents, food, family time. All wonderful things.

We even started talking about music, carol services and goodwill.

But, and here’s where being cowardly really kicked in, I neglected to mention the real point of all. The true reason for the season. Why on earth it all started anyway.

And that’s what this post is all about.

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Christmas is coming part 2 – decorating time!

Nothing screams Christmas than a beautifully dressed tree, covered from head to toe in sparkling lights.

However, a DIY Christmas tree from Ikea is certainly a new one for me.


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Sophie’s Christmas Menu

What’s been on Sophie’s menu this Christmas?

Well, quite a lot actually!

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Happy Christmas!

On this very exciting day, my 200th blog post celebrates an event from 2000 years ago.


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Christmas Dinner 2010 – 2011

2010 was a pretty big year for us.

We both graduated into our current careers (me a teacher, wife a doctor), we became official residents of a joint flat in Beeston, we made a LOT of IKEA furniture. Oh and the small matter of us having got married in July!

So when Christmas rolled around, there was only one thing for it. We were going to host!

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Christmas jumpers

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year.

So much going on, beautiful decorations and lights,  everybody excited. You get a host of Christmas parties, delicious food and the chance to give and receive with your nearest and dearest.

Then, of course, there’s the real reason for the season which as a Christian I want to celebrate and uphold above all.

But there’s one particular craze I’ve never really got and I think I’m going to be always in the minority…

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How to teach a 21 month old about Christmas…

This time last year I composed a blog post about teaching Sophie the true meaning of Christmas. It was a lovely year, marked by incredible generosity from friends and family and celebration of Jesus’ birth.

This year, with a 21 month old little girl charging round, chatting away and throwing in the occasional defiant moment, teaching about Christmas is a whole different challenge!

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