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‘An absolute whirlwind’ – Harry visits our friends

I sometimes imagine that having a very young toddler is a bit like trying to train an excitable puppy.
They are out of control, noisy and are hellbent on destruction.
They need to be contained in order not to wreak too much havoc and they have no safety filter so are just as likely to destroy themselves as the house.
But the key difference from a puppy is that a toddler has hands, can reach things and, frighteningly, is more than happy to pull things down.
We saw my wife’s Grandad and some great friends at the weekend. Crucially though, on location at their house.
It’s a good job they are understanding!

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My Best Mate’s Wedding

Twenty years…

Twenty years!

That’s how long it’s been since I first met my best mate Rick at high school, complete with a cocky look on his face and a rather dodgy hairstyle. (or was that me?)

Now he’s well into his 30s, his hair has improved slightly and he still likes to wind people up – in a push-your-luck kind of way.

Today he’s getting married – how did it come to this??

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Nottingham…ten years on

It made me feel very old when I realised it’s ten years next month since I did my final university exams.

A lot has happened since then, you could say.

To mark this momentous occasion, I reunited with my housemates and returned to the city of Forest, the Goose Fair and Robin Hood to see if anything had changed…

A handsome bunch of characters back in 2007 – we’re just missing Andy!

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Toddler’s first sleepover

Can you remember your first sleepover?

While I don’t remember my first time sleeping over somewhere different, I tend to associate sleepovers with Championship Manager marathons, bad films, sweets and very little sleep.

Anybody else have similar thoughts?

Well, Sophie had her first friend sleep over in her bedroom recently and while the Playstation stayed well and truly off, there was still plenty of fun and games. Continue reading

A whistle-stop Latvian adventure

So that was an experience…!

Arriving into Luton airport  tonight at half 7, bedraggled, exhausted but very content felt amazing after the most incredible  (and surreal!) few days.

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Mike and Ilze are getting married – part 2!

Yesterday’s post gave a snapshot of some of our best memories with this fantastic couple.

Hope you enjoy part 2!

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Mike and Ilze – two special friends are getting married 

Nothing sums up the loyalty and friendship of this lovely couple more than the fact they took a detour on the day of their flight to Latvia to get married (!) to make sure they saw me on my birthday.

And, they’d found time to make me a really thoughtful present to boot.

We are so grateful for Mike and Ilze and with their wedding now so close, I wanted to celebrate our many happy memories together in a couple of blog posts.

Hope you enjoy them.

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A Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour 10 Years On: Days 5 – 7

With the group expanding and both artists now viewed, it really felt like the tour was beginning to click into gear.

June 5th was another off day, but it would be the last free 24 hours we had before the tour ended the following Sunday.

Better make the most of it then.

And what better way to spend it than racing across the M62 from Manchester towards the M1 and the glorious North East of England?

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A Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour 10 Years On: Days 3 and 4

After the stripped back first two days of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour, Day 3 was a day off from gigs.


However, we did have to shoot straight back up the way we’d come, heading for the City of Manchester Stadium and the arrival of Bonjovi in my life.

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Gone down in History part 2

As my blog from the other day tried to suggest, it was a real treat to study History with so many quality people.

Many of the others in the photo I have lots of time and respect for and would love to know what they are up to now.

(Probably been swallowed into the craziness of London living – but that’s OK!)

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