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My Best Mate’s Wedding

Twenty years…

Twenty years!

That’s how long it’s been since I first met my best mate Rick at high school, complete with a cocky look on his face and a rather dodgy hairstyle. (or was that me?)

Now he’s well into his 30s, his hair has improved slightly and he still likes to wind people up – in a push-your-luck kind of way.

Today he’s getting married – how did it come to this??

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Gammy Knees A History – The Manchester Years (part 3)

Was this the end of an era?

Were the Gammy Knees about to be consigned to the annals of history?

Would they go out on a high or would their frustrating record in Manchester tournaments continue?

All these questions and more answered in the following post…

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Gammy Knees A History – The Manchester Years (part 2)!

After last year’s final heartbreak, the Gammy Knees entered the 2014 Grace Church ON:Side Tournament determined to set the record straight.

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Gammy Knees A History – The Manchester Years

With Nottingham Powerleague a thing of the past, the Gammy Knees legacy needed a way to live on, even in a different city.

Rick arrived to join my wife and I by living in Manchester so the two of us could vaguely keep it going. The weekly league wasn’t really an option but the team wasn’t simply going to fizzle out.

I was determined!

And besides, we still had that old chestnut of church football tournaments to enter…and this time I was organising!

What could possibly go wrong?!

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Gammy Knees A History Part 9

It was a real pinnacle in the Gammies story.

Double trophy winners. Feeling unbeatable. And Kings of church football tournaments.

So when Christians In Sport organised a summer Saturday tournament we fancied our chances.

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Gammy Knees – A History Part 8. St Andrew’s Cup

This competition meant something.

Last time St Andrew’s had hosted a tournament, I’d organised it and then my team had ended up winning it. Now, having been away for three years, I was bringing back a slick, professional outfit (alright, it was just a few mates) to take on a host of familiar faces and a wide selection of people I didn’t recognise. My usher Nick was even doing the organising this time!

It was going to be interesting.
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Gammy Knees – A History Part 7

Before pressing on with the story, it’s important to recognise a dramatic game played out that summer for my stag do. Gammy Knees players split up to represent two different teams in the first epic duel of the day. Rick and I were on the same team and combined to play in Simon, my future brother-in-law, to open the scoring. He would freely admit he’s not sure how on earth that happened!

The game finished level though and resulted in a penalty shootout.

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The Gammy Knees – A History Part 6

When Emmanuel Church, Bramcote decided to run a football tournament at Powerleague, it seemed tailormade for the Gammies. However, when it was stripped back to 4 aside, it looked a little trickier. Having to ask players to miss games was frustrating.

How can you drop any of these guys?

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The Gammy Knees – A History Part 5

The summer of 2009 brought hefty changes to the Gammy Knees. Would it work out for them? 


Despite basically building a new team the previous summer, the end of university for a number of players meant that the Gammies had to undergo a radical rehaul once again. Gone: Danny L, Danny J, Ste, Chris. Soon to go: Westhead. We needed some new faces otherwise the Gammy Knees were done. Another heavy recruitment drive followed. In: Mike, Dave and Pete. With only six, we did often find ourselves needing to draft in other people to play on a number of occasions. People like Nik (with his excellent left foot) and Cogsy did do a decent job when called upon.

This recruitment certainly had a more long term feel with only one student left in the squad, that of our new German midfielder Pete, and he a PhD student. Strong, skilful and determined, he led the charge for us, almost as influential as Rick in many games. He did take a shot more often than he passed…but his finishing ability was usually good enough to compensate.

Adding to the international flavour was Mike, a ballroom dancing IT expert, whose long, flowing hair, tights and vest tops certainly marked him out. A highly useful utility man who could play anywhere and be effective, Mike still remains a key part of the Gammy Knees team and would go on to be captain. (More on that later).

As Westhead bade us a sorrowful farewell and headed for Munich, we needed a new defender. Step forward, Dave, Royston’s answer to Jamie Carragher. He read the game well, wasn’t fussed about nipping forward (although he could certainly hit a terrific shot) and he kept us compact. His long-standing friendship with goalkeeper Matt helped their understanding too.

Powerleague Nottingham - not exactly a place where dreams come true!

Powerleague Nottingham – not exactly a place where dreams come true!

Again, our team was solid and dependable in the league. We weren’t the types to dominate possession, more about pressurising the opposition into mistakes, sharp counter-attacks involving one-twos and precise finishing. We won Division 3 in the first half of the season and got promoted, a cause of great celebration. Unfortunately, as the next season kicked off, Pete was ruled out through injury, wanting to protect himself before a stint at the London Marathon.

Consequently, our league form tailed off, particularly as we were now up against tougher opposition. We didn’t get relegated but never looked like getting promoted. If we were going to be successful, it was going to have to come in a different kind of competition…

Read back next week to find out what happened in the first Emmanuel KickAbout Cup.

The Gammy Knees – A History (Part 4)

In a momentous development in my life, I signed on as an official Gammy Knees player in September 2008. Things would never be the same again!

I joined the Gammy Knees on my return to Nottingham in 2008, when we wanted to set up a new Powerleague team. Original members (and team captain) Rick and Matt were still around and up for it. A heavy recruitment drive enabled us to snap up Chris Wagner, Danny Jones, Stephen Kendall and Danny Lunt, as well as finding a place for the erstwhile gaffer Joe Westhead – he of “Man Each” fame.

We were soon into the action. Continue reading

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