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Another giantkilling on our watch

What a weekend.

Day off on Friday was spent tearing down to London to watch the ATP World Tour Finals – a long-held dream fulfilled.

However, just as we saw Mo Farah and Usain Bolt fail in spectacular fashion when we went to the World Athletics back in August, we were in situe to witness the downing of another favourite.

And the rising of a new hero out of nowhere.

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Harry’s first 100 days

When Donald Trump sits down at the end of his first 100 days as US President, he’ll do what countless world leaders have done before him and reflect on his achievements.

He’ll look back at the terror and bigotry he’s inspired and probably think was it worth it? He’ll consider his lowest approval ratings in presidential history and wonder if it’s him or the country that needs to change.

And, just like all those historical leaders, he’ll weigh up if he’s achieved what he wanted to do.

For those of us watching on, his first 30 days have been a car crash. It’s frightening what he might do in the following 70.

Regardless, 100 days seems like a decent time to reflect on what’s happened and as Harry reaches that milestone it’s awe-inspiring to think about what he’s already achieved.

100 days ago he barely opened his eyes, found feeding a trial and did not know anything about the world around him.

Three months on and he’s come a long way.

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The Apprentice Final: The Return of Rebecca Jeffery

Ok, so it’s not the primary tagline the BBC are running with in promoting The Apprentice Final tonight, however for our family, this series has only ever been about the trials and tribulations of our favourite marketing guru, Rebecca Jeffery.

And, after she left in a blaze of dismissive glory in Week 6 and giggled away with Rhod Gilbert, nothing has been seen of her.

Not, I must say, until the teaser for the final was released on Thursday night, as she returns to support the finalists, erstwhile colleagues Alana Spencer and Courtney Wood.

Can’t wait.

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Six weeks in, Rebecca “Jef-t” the Apprentice

It was so lovely last night to watch Becs in her element – chatty, enthusiastic, exuberant. She came across as warm, great fun and bursting with creative energy.

What a shame that was only on The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

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Sophie our Bake Off showstopper

With an army of over 15m devotees, The Great British Bake Off has become a fortress of British entertainment. Wednesday evening 8pm – my wife would set her timer and, like clockwork, settle down to watch the success-hungry contestants bake, whisk and mix their way towards success.

Even Sophie got in on the act, as this post proves.

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Sp-bec-tacular – Rebecca’s 1st four weeks on The Apprentice

Well she’s still there – good on you Becs for making it through the first third of The Apprentice 2016.

Wow it’s been tough viewing though!

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Sophie found Dory… but how did she find the cinema?

This blog loves a good “firsts” story.

So when we braved taking Sophie to the cinema for the very first time to watch Pixar’s Finding Dory, it was always going to end up on these pages.

Before we set off, we were racked with questions like:
“How will it be?”
“Will she cope with the loud noises?”
“How on earth will we keep a hyperactive toddler quiet and still for two hours?”
“Does she even like fish?!”

And here’s how it went…


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Sophie vs The Gruffalo

One’s spiky, hairy and fearsomely aggressive.

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The Revenant – A Review

It’s tipped to scoop a whole host of Oscars on Sunday night.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been described as putting in a “barnstorming performance” by the Guardian and the director puts the viewer through an “amazing sensory experience” according to Empire magazine.

But, is it any good?

Well, my wife and I decided to check it out this weekend and here’s what we thought.

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The fellowship is complete…

And so it begins.

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