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On the other side of Parents Evening

So Sophie had her first school Parents Evening last week and I was fascinated to experience what it was like.

Gotta say…it was weird.

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The start of school

It’s a very strange irony but as I adjust – quite happily – to the lack of school in my daily life, Sophie is revelling in her first few days of pre-school.

For me, it’s been a real joy to take her along and  experience those new times with her. It’s something that would have been simply impossible had I stayed put.

For her, it’s been a wide-eyed adventure into the unknown and one that apparently she is absolutely loving.

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Back 2 School

When the Back to School range of clothing gets launched in the supermarkets at the end of July, it does always seem a bit ridiculous.

I mean, surely people’s children grow over the summer break anyway? All that sunshine – it’s bound to do wonders for their height!

However, when there’s a definite chill in the end after sundown, it can only mean one thing. Term is back on, the brand new uniform is being worn (even by the teachers) and normal service is resumed.


Back to School

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Losing hurts – (I don’t mean at football!)

A tricky situation has been recurring recently.

Sophie will head off to nursery equipped with everything she needs for the day. She’ll be looking swish, accessorised to the max and ready for chilling with her crew. So to speak.

But when I pick her up, amidst the carnage of all the children being collected, there’s often one thing that’s missing. And I don’t realise until I get home.

I’ve certainly learned more sympathy with those poor parents whose children lose jumpers/PE kits/trainers/pencil cases/their marbles (!) on a regular basis at the end of the school day!

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The Christmas season starts here…

I’ve been totally unprepared this year for Christmas.

Ask my wife, she’ll tell you of my complete shock and surprise that suddenly Advent has arrived and I’m not ready.

However, that has certainly changed, as taking a look at my week, Christmas has well and truly begun…

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Warfare in the classroom

So I started teaching my class about Hitler yesterday.

That’s a lot for these 10 and 11 year olds to take in, right?

However, at the same time, they demonstrate a remarkable emotional maturity to deal with major themes, horrible tragedies and difficult topics.

It was the first time I’d had them all totally hooked on what I was saying.

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