They say a child should be seen and not heard.

When you’re a teacher, you can’t really live by that philosophy they’re just there!

And as for Sophie, well every day she’s changing the boundaries.

For a while now, she’s been rabbiting onto herself, repeating the same old words “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”, “Uh oh” and most Manchester of all “Hi-ya” and it’s been lovely watching her experiment with the way words sounds in her mouth. She seems to really enjoy playing with language and experimenting (a bit like me in that way)!

She’ll always look at the same photos on the stairs and make a comment, usually combined with a point and questioning look. There’s only so many times you can misidentify a picture of yourself for all the others members of the family – male/female there’s no discrimination!

With her food, she’s learning how to say “gone” and whilst it may be a strange babble, at least she’s trying. I interpret her impatient shriek when food is being prepared simply to mean “please feed me daddy, I’m starving”!

Nursery have taught her to say “nappy” although she’s a long way from that at home. The best we’ve got is a Sophie who’ll stay still for longer than five seconds to have it changed. Still a work in progress that one.

As for Mummy, well, she will repeat a mumbled noise if you say it directly to her and she can do the three way name like she does with daddy it definitely doesn’t sit easily with her though. Perhaps I’ve not taught her well enough! We’ll get there!

Long gone are the days of silent acquiescence where sheer force of personality and will from myself or my wife could ensure Sophie did what we asked. She’s very much got her own mind and is learning the most appropriate ways to show us what she want Some!

Looking forward to those conversations becoming longer and ever more interesting as the months roll on!