Ok, so it’s not the primary tagline the BBC are running with in promoting The Apprentice Final tonight, however for our family, this series has only ever been about the trials and tribulations of our favourite marketing guru, Rebecca Jeffery.

And, after she left in a blaze of dismissive glory in Week 6 and giggled away with Rhod Gilbert, nothing has been seen of her.

Not, I must say, until the teaser for the final was released on Thursday night, as she returns to support the finalists, erstwhile colleagues Alana Spencer and Courtney Wood.

Can’t wait.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Becs’ performance on The Apprentice was her failure to win any of her six tasks.

Will she bring that run of awful luck to the finalist she supports tonight? If so, then they will walk away as runner-up and penniless, whereas if her run changes, she still won’t get a treat, but at least she’ll have helped someone to victory.

To be honest, after she was slated for not being PM on the task that required a strong geographical knowledge of London – good luck Miss Cumbria – I think she should offer to take on that role this evening.

Imagine Alana’s face.

Still, with Becs’ history of voting for herself,  at least she’d still get one vote to take on that role.

Just watched a teaser trailer where she gets to star in an advert. Can’t wait to see how that one plays out. (At least it’s not being filmed in a toilet this time.)

With the arrival of Harry, and associated crazy life scheduling, we’ve not had chance to catch up with her since her Apprentice adventure but hopefully sometime early in the New Year that’ll be possible.

And who knows, maybe we’ll be hanging out with the candidate who helped the Apprentice winner to victory.

Sure hope so.