The public have spoken…

The votes have been counted…

The results are in…

Who will be crowned as the best baby song 2015? Read on to find out!


Thank you to all of you who cast your vote for the best baby song. It was a very interesting survey to find out which songs we love singing the most and which we could probably do without.

The thing about baby songs is they don’t last very long but they do provide an excellent way of keeping our children from going crazy, particularly when doing something as unnatural or unhelpful (!) for them as changing their nappy.

Pie Chart of results

So, in third place, with 9.7% of the vote is Wind the Bobbin Up. In my opinion, this song promises a lot more than it delivers. There’s so many possibilities for what to do with that piece of thread but instead we end up doing all sorts of random pointing and very little productive sewing. Crazy.

In second place, with 12.9% is If You’re Happy and You Know It. I do have a soft spot for this song, a classic way to end a toddler singing session. Strangely enough, you don’t get very many of them doing the actions but it can be extremely amusing watching them bounce around and try to do something.

And, with a massive 35.5% of the vote, the winner is…


Now, did I unduly influence people’s votes by putting a picture related to this? Perhaps, although in support of the song, it is a good relaxer and one Sophie has certainly benefitted from. I had no idea of its sheer popularity though. Often a good song can be defined by its actions and the open/shut hand movements assigned to this song are quite frankly a bit disappointing.  I wonder also if its longevity can be attributed to memories of singing it as a child? Who knows!

Nevertheless, congratulations Twinkle Twinkle – you are the clear winner.

Thank you for your votes and I’ll be back again with another poll sometime in the near future!