I’ve been a bit of a wimp so far this Christmas.

Challenged to come up with the best things about Christmas, I went along with the standard list that everyone else was saying: presents, food, family time. All wonderful things.

We even started talking about music, carol services and goodwill.

But, and here’s where being cowardly really kicked in, I neglected to mention the real point of all. The true reason for the season. Why on earth it all started anyway.

And that’s what this post is all about.

I love Christmas.

It’s such an amazing time of year. Great time with our wonderful family, giving and receiving of gifts, enjoyable entertainment.

Being slightly obsessed with memories, Christmas presents a great opportunity to reminisce about awesome times in the past and look back over some fantastic experiences.

Nevertheless, all of these really good things pale into insignificance against the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Christ the Lord over 2000 years ago, laid in a dirty cattle shed in an insignificant provincial town. That story, which I have sung about, played music for and taught countless times, is the reason why Christmas exists and what that baby accomplished is far more important than any of the other things on my “Best of Christmas” list.

Many of you will know that our son Harry was born in November and it was a truly joyous occasion. Our families came over as soon as they could to see him and his arrival was met with celebration and excitement. What a glorious gift he is.

However, it was only family and close friends that came to see him. No strangers rocked up to pay their respect. No visitors from a different continent appeared at the door to offer him worship. There weren’t even any angelic warriors lighting up our garden.

In fact, all the things that make the birth at the first Christmas so unique were utterly absent from Harry’s arrival, as they were for the arrival of all the babies in 2016, no more than that, all the babies since Jesus.

And that’s the point.

The first Christmas saw the birth of a King, one who had come to serve his people by showing them God and dying to save them from all the things that they think, say and do which are not right.

This perfect King, Jesus, then beat death to rise again in glory and, the Bible says, he will come again one day to sort out all the messes of this world.

So while I’m enjoying the blessings of this Christmas season, I need to man up and proclaim:
Presents and all are great, but the best thing about Christmas?
Jesus is his name.