We reached a momentous landmark in our parenting this week.

We discovered the power of Colin Buchanan…and I think there’s no turning back.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Colin is an outrageously daft Australian TV presenter who has a side interest (and hugely popular one at that!) in providing Christian songs for small children.


And Sophie has suddenly discovered him!

For some time now, we’ve been struggling to cope with the octopus-style wrestling match when we need to change Sophie. It’s as though we are causing her the most horrific of injuries (her screams even come coupled with blubbery crocodile tears) when all we want to do is slot a nice warm vest over her head!

In most circumstances, she is happy, content and smiley. Try to clean her, change her clothes or even just get her to settle for a few minutes on the changing mat and she becomes a fire-breathing monster.

We’ve tried all sorts of tactics – from dressing her while she’s frantically crawling away, to allowing her to hold a nappy of her own (!) or a bath toy just to distract her from the incredible distress of being changed.

None of these have worked.

However, thanks to a simple press of play on the music of Colin Buchanan, she has settled down quite happily to have her nappy changed.

Honestly, it’s like she’s a different child and we’re relieved to have our eardrums back!

We’re grateful in a second way, because what he sings is generally solid biblical truth. So it’s reinforcing some of the things we’re trying to teach her and making it fun and exciting to listen to as well. Result!

You may already have your own favourite Colin songs or the ones that your children really love – actually, they’re probably the ones you dislike the most because you’ve heard so often! I imagine there’s a point where his zany, all-action style can seem like the most irritating thing in the world.

We’re not there yet. Instead, we’re giving great thanks for his music and excited about introducing Sophie to more and more.