The Christmas season starts here…

I’ve been totally unprepared this year for Christmas.

Ask my wife, she’ll tell you of my complete shock and surprise that suddenly Advent has arrived and I’m not ready.

However, that has certainly changed, as taking a look at my week, Christmas has well and truly begun…

Sunday night (30th November): I retrieve the Christmas decorations from the loft and proceed to allow Jess to run crazily round the house, covering everywhere in all things Christmas. My one contribution is to help hold the stair decorations, which I was very good at, while Jess tied on the confinerous bunting with meticulous care. Always bunting.

IMG_2961 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2962

Monday: Teaching children carols and trying to get them to sing O Come All Ye Faithful with the gusto and enthusiasm it deserves. Note for future years: there are many versions out there which make it impossible for children to sing along. Second note: Just learn the piano.

Tuesday: Downloading dancing Santas and mischievous animated snowmen for a Powerpoint. Choreographing a large group to  sing the original Do they know it’s Christmas Time? whilst simultaneously handling requests for extra tinsel on the tree in my class.

Wednesday: No Christmas!

Thursday: Reciting Christmas poems, watching “Vikings” discuss Twas the Night before Christmas and experiencing a beautiful carol service sung by hundreds of primary aged children at Manchester Cathedral.

Friday: A whole day’s rehearsal…probably!

Saturday: The 7th Annual Nottingham Christmas Dinner – cue lots of ridiculous items of clothing, crackers, turkey and dodgy seasonal jokes.

Sunday: Is Christmas over yet?! Time to rest…

They say that Christmas comes early in schools because children are so excited about it. Whilst it has sneaked up on me this year, we’re certainly in full flow with it now.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day – yeah, something like that!

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  1. Oh Joe! This made me laugh! You sounds just like Dave watching on while Jess and I scurry around like Christmas elves! Love it. Maybe learning the piano can be on next years #GetGoodSummer goals?!
    Thanks for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason … Sorry I’m late!

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