The Circle of Life – Sophie’s on her walker!

One of my favourite Lion King songs is The Circle of Life, which starts off with a fantastic A Capella Swahili melody – it sounds like a cat is being steadily mauled (!) but actually is translated as “Here Comes A Lion, Father” and is a powerful and sweeping beginning to the musical.

The stage show and the film are both spectacular in totally different ways – the African plains being brought to life by animation in one and through the spellbinding movement of people in the other.


Nevertheless, the song covers how life, whilst moving on relentlessly has a cyclical pattern to it and watching Sophie this week has certainly brought that to mind.

It’s a fact of life that as you get older, your legs become weaker and find it harder to hold you upright for sustained periods of time. It may be hard to believe when we’re able to charge around doing sport and being relentlessly active, but it’s something that naturally happens.

When that time comes, many will use aids to help them get around, be that motorised scooters (look like so much fun!), walking sticks, zimmerframes etc.

However, many will use walkers

However, many will use walkers

This is what I mean by the circle of life idea!

As Sophie experiments with the strength of her legs and begins to use her feet to pad around, she needs the support of a walker to help her stabilise. She is not yet confident/strong enough to stand for herself, but with two hands planted firmly on the walker, she can take tentative steps and grow in her confidence.

It’s so lovely to watch!

And it happens so quickly. This time last week, she could stand steadily on a walker but was not happy at all with any kind of forward movement. Now, usually jabbering away to herself as she does it, she will walk slowly forward, especially if there is some kind of incentive at the end (a rice cake or breadstick perhaps?!). Within just a few days, she’s gone from stock still, to across the room in under a minute. Now that kind of mobility is scary!

Try telling her she’ll be doing all this again in 90 years time and it really will be a shock to the system!


  1. Oooh, now the trouble will start! Mobile is good but challenging – think I’m getting to the other end of the spectrum!! Maybe 3 weeks in lanzarote will do the trick – off on Saturday!! Xx

    • Joe

      March 5, 2015 at 6:41 pm

      Haha – give our regards to Playa Blanca! V jealous of your holiday plans. I’ll soon be back to school

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