At the end of that Sunday night, things were not looking great for the holiday we’d been excited about. The next morning when my wife couldn’t really get up out of bed and Sophie refused outright to sit in the high chairs or eat the food (not to mention my bread-knife-meets-finger accident!), it only threatened to get worse.

We did manage to have a lovely day together in the sunshine on Tuesday – soaking up the scenery, exploring the marina and the cliffpaths together as a family. Sophie even ate something.

Unfortunately that night, whilst my wife had recovered, the bug passed to me, wiping me out for the next 24 hours and leaving her and Sophie to fend for themselves. We felt pretty desperate on Wednesday.

However, God is good and gracious – as of course we knew he was, but had strangely and wrongfully forgotten – and our holiday became wonderful from that low point onwards.

Just being able to get away was a great blessing and by Thursday we were suddenly fit enough to do the things that we wanted.

For instance, Sophie’s nap times became sports time and we had a great time taking each other on at different activities. First up, mini golf where I was getting absolutely caned until the glorious Hole 10 – my wife’s nemesis. With Sophie still sound asleep I had no one to share in my sensational (lucky) triumph.

I'm a massive fan of Hole 10!

I’m a massive fan of Hole 10!

We played tennis in the boiling hot sun – nothing too competitive but I think we managed to hit it across to each other 14 times without it going out. Hey that’s good! For us.

I even got to play some table tennis and Sophie came to watch me in action against Karaoke hotel entertainer Rami and Spanish guy Pablo. Any excuse to play!

Learning some new skills

Learning some new skills

So many other highlights were crammed into those three days. Relaxing coffee down by the marina in the sunshine, incredible tapas (that’s what I wanted from my Spanish food experience!), playing on the beach, paddling in the sea, a trip round Timonfaya volcano and a step back in time to the days of lava and volcanic ash. We were even able to take in Backburn Rovers (yep that’s how they spelt it!) v Stoke which was a stunning victory.


The proof that Blackburn Rovers aren't famous anymore!

The proof that Blackburn Rovers aren’t famous anymore!

Best of all, Sophie was absolutely fine all week. So thankful for that. She avoided the bug, perhaps because we mainly gave her bread and food we’d brought with us, but it just made everything so much better. With great weather, beautiful scenery and an ultimately awesome experience we were so grateful for our time away.

Canary Islands curse? Think we broke it!