When it comes to the World Cup, everyone’s a pundit aren’t they? I fell into this very trap a few weeks ago when previewing the magical events of Brazil 2014.

As the round of 16 kicks off today, Sophie casts her mind back over my tips for progression and is distinctly unimpressed!

Sophie: Daddy had an exactly 50% rate of predicting the teams to get through the group stage…that’s absolutely rubbish! No wonder he’s useless at Fantasy Football, results predictors, chatting about football in general (JB: alright Sophie, steady on!)

I said that Mexico would go through and what a great keeper they have. Love his name. Ochoa! A bit like Daddy’s first name doubled! And I’m always smiling at the antics of their manager. He’s the only manager I can find who looks capable of repeating my favourite managerial moment of all time. Take a bow Sammy Mac of Morecambe (photo 5)!

I also told you that Spain were a waste of time and I was right. Go vitamin-based Holland. I like RVP, LVG, NDJ…only because I can spell all those words!

Group C I don’t want to talk about. My two teams went out.

Group D I like long-legged people. I usually feel like I’m flying when my Daddy strides around carrying me, so it pleases me that Paulo Wanchope’s team are still going strong. But boo for Suarez. My teeth haven’t come yet, but I wouldn’t even treat my toys like he treated that nice Italian defender.

Group E Still styling my hair like Giroud although Sakho’s blond mohican a la Balotelli interests me. Allez les Bleus!

The Swiss have a player whose name begins with X, who is pretty good. Finally a replacement for xylophone in the alphabet dictionary.

Argentina have been rubbish apart from Messi. It’s  a shame they’re through. I like Musa of Nigeria – his name sounds like a cow answering the register.

USA went through so I was happy but I don’t know how long they’ll last. I went off Ghana when they all started fighting with each other. The Germans always go through.

We can get more beer and chocolate with Belgium. Bet the other countries took bribes from them…I certainly would! It’s great for Algeria that they’ve gone through. There’s a boy in Daddy’s class who is happy about Algeria coming second, and he seems like a nice guy so I’ll celebrate too.

Dad: So there you have it. The World Cup is about to get exciting (if it wasn’t exciting enough already) and between us, Sophie and I probably picked about 50% of the remaining teams. Pretty naff really. Almost isn’t worth answering the next question…

Who do we think will win?

Don’t want to give too much away but it rhymes with Lost A Speaker… hope so, anyway!