I was watching TV on Friday when I heard a complaint about incessant spider photos on Facebook.

These are the snaps that usually come accompanied with a health warning for those of a non eight-legged persuasion and feature monstrous creatures which have caused great consternation in people’s houses.

This post doesn’t quite fit that category but these terrifying beasts do certainly have a case to answer.

Over the past few weeks,  legions of harvestmen have invaded our kitchen, attacking from all angles and claiming a host of different surfaces.

I know my approach to minibeasts is a little unusual. Rather than punish them for entering our property by crushing and swatting them, I desperately try to save them,  employing various ceramics and glassware to transport them into the outside world.

So long as I don’t have to touch them that is!

Oddly though they come back within only a few hours and their numbers are invariably multiplied.

I ought to be the only “Daddy Long Legs” in this house!

How do they get in?! Last night we had six in our kitchen, all of them totally poised and ready to take over.

Even when they’re not inside the house, they adopt an intimidating stance. As this photo illustrates, they love nothing more than to position themselves on the window,  scouting out the room and preparing to attack.


They may not be the largest animals in the world. Nor the most obviously violent.

But they’re resourceful, can break into locked rooms and attack in their packs.

The threat is real – you have been warned.