Drowsiness. The sign to any hopeful parent that the unstoppable child is ready for sleep.
The signs can come in many forms. For us, it’s the rubbing of the eyes followed by a restless back arching and a burrowed brow into your chest. For others it could be the whimpering wail or pained expression. Or maybe just an all out scream.
Either way it’s usually totally inaccurate.

In my seven month experience (pittance I know!), the signs of sheer tiredness do not actually preface a simple crashing out and guaranteed half an hours peace.
Far from it.
In fact, whenever Sophie does show signs of tiredness, more often that not it becomes a battle of wills to decide who will crack first. Us or her. Our patience or her tiredness.
Putting her in her cot doesn’t do the trick. For a start, the happy cheerful mobile above her bed proves a fascinating distraction.
Well, that’s if she’s not already rolled over onto her front and got frustrated because she can’t quite crawl yet.
What’s more, the mellow relaxing tones of Ewan the sheep simply inspire her to sing (babble) along. Better than the pumped up heartbeat setting Ewan also has I guess, but even so!
In the daytime, Sophie’s naps can range from a ten minute power sleep while we catch our breath to a full on two and a half hour slog where the sheer anticipation of her getting up any second can be exhausting in itself.
Even the previously reliable car seat is losing its magic touch. Short journeys, which used to guarantee sleep, are now proving quite exciting. I think she just wants to play the “Yellow Car” game!
So next time the child you’re looking after is inexpressibly tired and is showing those critical signs of drowsiness, don’t expect too much.
The battle is only just beginning!