The pictures that make me smile

Thanks to Lucia Maguire for nominating me to do this.

My wife and I are no strangers to taking photos and so many of them make me smile. It wasn’t easy to decide which ones best summed up everything…especially when I don’t really have one that celebrates Jesus  and everything that God has done for me.

Still, here’s the five I came up with!

Getting Married.

What a great blessing this has been. Don’t know where or what I’d be without my lovely wife looking after me!

Joe & Jess Wedding, Liverpool.


This beautiful little girl is a really important part of our family. So privileged to have an amazing family and she’s so lucky to have wonderful grandparents, auntys and uncles! (Not sure why she’s reaching for my cushion though!)


The Crew

This photo was taken at the final Come Dine With Me Event – four years after the concept was born. Special friends play a special part in your life.



Since I first started walking, I’ve always been interested in football. The Gammy Knees are an institution and this photo was taken on the occasion of their last successful tournament…unfortunately after a few traumatic near misses, it seems like a very long time ago!



While it’s usually only children that I inflict it on, I do enjoy playing my guitar. This photo was taken on the last day of term last year, probably the highlight of my teaching career.


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  1. all the things in life that are so important, joe. Xx

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