It’s tipped to scoop a whole host of Oscars on Sunday night.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been described as putting in a “barnstorming performance” by the Guardian and the director puts the viewer through an “amazing sensory experience” according to Empire magazine.

But, is it any good?

Well, my wife and I decided to check it out this weekend and here’s what we thought.


Yes, actually, it really is.

You may have heard the storyline. Fur-trapper Hugh Glass gets left for dead by his comrades who believe the bear who attacked him has left his survival hopes in tatters. Bloodied, broken, battered, Glass somehow finds the strength, the courage and the desire to pull himself together and set off in slow and torturing pursuit of his former allies, all played out in front of a backdrop of jaw-dropping scenery and beautiful cinematography.

Freezing cold too!

The continuous shots of frozen landscapes, freezing water and bitterly  cold actors left us in shivers and the guy sat near in shorts and t-shirts complaining about how cold he felt from a very early point. It’s all about getting your dress code right, mate!

As for Di Caprio, I’ve liked him since he moved past his annoying teenage heartthrob days of the mid-90s when he was really was a frustrating actor. Since he went gritty, since he went darker, since he went, well, good, I’ve rated him highly and his performance in this is amazing.


Deprived of virtually any human contact, the physicality of his acting is astonishing – all gritted teeth, faded voice and jilted movements.  He fully convinces as Glass and, even though the whole plot is quite far-fetched (and far removed from the original true story its loosely based on), you find yourself rooting for him to pull through and get even with those who wronged him.

Apparently he went through the mill to film it too! No spoilers but a lot of the most unpleasant things he acted himself – good on him – and his commitment to the role was total. No teenage heart-throb moments here. Rather it’s up close and personal with a man in tortured agony, looking unbelievably rough but still pulling through.

Sounds like your average workplace really!

All in all, I enjoyed the Revenant and hope it does well at the Oscars. If you’ve not seen it yet, it’s long, it’s quiet, it’s actually really quite gory but it’s gripping, intense and fascinating in equal measure.

Definitely go check it out.