I’m sure I’m not the only bloke who considers it a personal mission to make sure the car boot is packed in an orderly and space savvy way.

I’m sure I’m not the only bloke who lives on our street who does just that!

However, my spatial awareness was sadly lacking when Sophie and I went chest of drawer collecting last weekend!

We’d purchased a beautiful old wooden chest of drawers off eBay with local pick up the only option for delivery. With my wife at work, I was on Daddy Day Care so Sophie was along for whatever ride I decided to take her on. Initially I’d planned to pick my best mate up and have him as an extra helper for slotting the drawers into my car. Sophie would sit in the back and keep charge of it while we squeezed it next to her.

The measurements of the furniture hadn’t featured on the website but I was sure it’d be fine.

All I can say is It’s a good job he forgot to text me back.

The journey there was great, twenty minutes on the motorway before ten minutes weaving through small towns on the outskirts of the city before reaching an residential flat area with properties everywhere.

It took ages to find Flat 14, which turned out to be down a whole host of steps. Fortunately, I could back the car right up to the top of the steps so once we’d lugged it up (and it was heavy!) it could be plonked straight in.

Unfortunately, it was absolutely massive.

My spatial awareness had deserted me and there was no way I could fit it and Sophie on my back seat.

Faced with the prospect of having to come back another day (and take the darn thing back down the steps!), the only solution was to shunt Sophie into the front and squidge it in.

She was not impressed.

As the vendor and I wiggled and squeezed the drawers in, S watched from the pavement, her eyes brimming with tears at being ignored. Having systematically ensured her car seat was bolted into the front seat, a simple glance to my left while driving showed the scale of her unhappiness.

Sophie wasn't quite eating car cleaning accessories...but not far off!

Sophie wasn’t quite eating car cleaning accessories like this guy…but not far off!

I’d never had to see it before. If she was distressed in the back seat, it was a bit more distant. This raw emotion, based on loneliness and hunger (some Daddy Day Care!), cut right through me but there was nothing I could do till we were home.

Finally, after the most careful drive of my life, we made it back to the confines of home. I extracted her from her seat, gave her a massive cuddle and a rice cake and all was well once more. The drawers could wait till later.

But I’ve learned my lesson. Remember the size of your daughter and factor that in to any boot plans!