If you saw Friday’s post about Sophie’s new movements, you’d be aware that our little girl is very much on the move – and fast!

So, it was vital we embarked on another very important rite of passage and visited a shoe shop with her for the first time!

It was very exciting!

Walking into ‘Paces & Laces’, I initially felt overwhelmed by the sparkling array of choice on offer:

– all the colours of the rainbow

– all manner of ways by which to tie them – laces, bows, velcro, buckles, zips, even buttons!

– all types of accessories – glitter, gemstones, lights, shiny bits…

…it was mesmerising!

Sophie seemed a little tentative, unaware of the magical world she was about to enter into. Girls and their shoes can often go hand in hand. She wasn’t quite ready for it initially.

That soon changed!

Once she’d warmed up by looking at the fish tank and calling one of them “Daddy” (Thanks!), she was in the mood and happy to check out some shoes. The excited look on my wife’s face reflected how I felt. Our little girl is growing up!

She sat patiently to have her feet measured – 2.5 is her size apparently or 19 in continental sizes for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing! It meant she had to have 3s. At least it gives her more growing time!


One of the highlights was her showing off her walking skills in order to be deemed fit for shoes. Her little wobbly toddles brought gasps of “awww” from the shopkeepers and were dubbed “fairy steps”. Probably influenced by the princess dress she was wearing!

They dug out a range of what’s called pre-shoes for her to try. My wife immediately clocked the pink sandals – give it time! – but the best ones were a pair of white leather soft soles which fitted like a dream and instantly gave her confidence to walk around some more.


Satisfied, her gran snapped them up for us (thank you so much!) and we were informed that she’d probably need new ones in 6-8 weeks! Wow, they grow up fast.

We walked back to the car and Sophie’s desire to walk had increased already. Don’t think we’ll be sitting down much over the next few days – and it’s going to be awesome!