Tomorrow is a significant date in Sophie’s life as she goes to nursery for the first time.

It’s only for an hour and I’ll be in the room doing some paperwork but it still feels like a seminal moment for her.

In two weeks’ time, when she starts there as a 3 day pupil (even that word seems strange), it really will mark a turning point for her.

In terms of our feelings, we can’t deny we’re pretty nervous about it. Ever since she was born eleven and a half months ago, at least one of us (and often two of us!) has been responsible for her during the week and it’s a relationship and opportunity we’ve loved. We are so thankful for all the special memories and times we have shared with her and the many milestones she has reached on our watch,

And there’s no reason to assume we’re suddenly going to miss out on all those things, just because she’s going to nursery 3 days a week and yet still it feels like an important change in her life.

Putting somebody else, currently a complete stranger, in charge of her life (indeed paying somebody else to do just that) is a step we almost all take at some point and it is a nerve-racking one.

Will they know how to comfort her when she’s sad? Will she be happy to eat in a totally different environment? What about if the other kids are bigger than her, or don’t like her very much? What if she gets ill?

How will she get on with other children?

How will she get on with other children?

Of course these what ifs are all natural and likely to happen. And of course the nursery staff I’m sure will be kind, helpful and undoubtedly familiar with how to handle all these situations. It’s just that feeling of helplessness and utter dependency on somebody else which makes us feel slightly uncomfortable and anxious.

What a blessing then that we can be totally confident that our Heavenly Father has got it all under control and will look after her. With this in mind then, I can be happy and secure sending Sophie to nursery, whatever tomorrow throws up.