It was really strange this week when Jess and Sophie went away for a couple of days.

Suddenly, the hours of 5 and 7 became my own again!

Normally when I get back from work I’m straight into baby mode, helping sort Sophie out, playing toys, family church, bath, wrestling match over bedtime clothes etc before collapsing in a heap in front of the hob to help cook dinner.

But this week, it’s been totally different.

I couldn’t remember what used to happen at those times of days – what do normal people do when they get home from work?

The house seemed quite empty without them!

The house seemed quite empty without them!

On Tuesday I went to the pub!

Unfortunately not in celebration, just to try and book an event. Then, it was football and the pub again. Loving it.

On Wednesday I marked books, had some food (of my own choice, not by virtue of it being thrown at me!) and then went to group at church. It was fine to leave the house because there wasn’t a small dependent child needing me to look after her.

It was even OK to have a slightly later night as I knew I’d have the luxury of sleeping through without interruption.

And so, having loved the refreshment of having that time back to myself and thoroughly enjoyed the space of doing what I wanted to do, had I missed them? Would I wish for it to be like that more often?

Well, come Thursday, when they were back for swimming, I made my decision…

…and rushed to surprise them. Sure, it was nice to have the few hours spare but would I prefer it that way?

Not a chance!