I checked my emails last week and it was really interesting.

Not the everyday run-of-the-mill organisational stuff which ticks over every week. Nor the frustratingly regular newsletter from all those companies who for some reason have my address on their database.

Rather it was the emails still left in my Inbox from when I first set up my account – I don’t delete any you see.

It was a real eye-opener.

Nothing like ten years passing to show an incredible turnover in friendships and maturity.

Much has changed since then!

Summer 2003. The content of emails include requests as to whether I’m anywhere near the college library, an appeal to pass on “the sacred pink angel” in order to get good luck and random questionnaires testing me on people’s favourite foods, videos (remember them?) and nicknames.

One email even has the subject line “wiener…”!

Nowadays, my emails tend to feature new Twitter followers, reminders to pay utility bills and encouragements to sign up for various educational courses. Yawn.


First Facebook photo!

The oldest photos I could find from uni!

It’s also really rewarding to recall fondly people who were really important at one stage in my life and thank them for their friendship.

It’s ten years since I moved on to uni and for me, as for many people, that marked a big shift in friendship groups. On the one hand, I’ve lost touch with close friends but on the other hand I’ve gained a whole host of others who are absolutely brilliant

Friends who endured are even more special. They are a bridge between two lives – the one of the 17/18 year old who used to boast jimenez102 as his email moniker and the “late twenties” Dad which I have now become.

Times change, people move on but memories remain.

Thanks to God for friendship and for all those who have made an impact on me in the past, currently or will do in the future.

Let’s go for a drink sometime!