Can you remember your first sleepover?

While I don’t remember my first time sleeping over somewhere different, I tend to associate sleepovers with Championship Manager marathons, bad films, sweets and very little sleep.

Anybody else have similar thoughts?

Well, Sophie had her first friend sleep over in her bedroom recently and while the Playstation stayed well and truly off, there was still plenty of fun and games.

The friend in question? Lovely Emily our goddaughter – 4 days older than Sophie but based 200 miles away and so only seen every four or five months.

Despite the distance, their friendship has always remained steadfast and been amazing to see (check out this post from New Year 2016 for confirmation on that).

When her and her family came up to stay, it was a bit of a logistical balancing act to fit everyone in. We had regularly stayed together as the four adults but within the past three years four has doubled, with Harry and Sophie on our side, Emily and ten month old Daniel on theirs.

We’re lucky to have a number of bedrooms so our friends had the back room, Daniel was plonked in Harry’s cot (he himself hasn’t slept in it yet), Harry in our room, Sophie in her own bed and then the risky tactic of Emily sleeping on Sophie’s floor.

Didn’t hurt to try something new, right?

They were both soo excited. The narrative of the day was often brought back to how they were sleeping in the same room and how much they were looking forward to it. For once, bedtime was met with great excitement.

Sophie was in her bed, surrounded by books and teddies as usual. Emily was tucked up in a single air bed with her own pillow and favourite teddy for company. The girls couldn’t wait.

Until,  that is, reality sunk in. The situation was completely different. Poor Emily was a bit distressed that she was in a strange, unfamiliar room even though Sophie was there. Sophie was upset because her room had somebody else in it even though it was Emily.

The reality of toddler emotions probably.

It took a huge amount of cajoling, intervention from all four parents and a couple of doses of Calpol before both girls could be successfully persuaded to stay in their beds. Dinner, which was ready and on the table, faced almost an hour delay before all of us could tuck in – it was tasty though!

Still, we’d achieved the feat of getting the toddlers down. Not a peep until morning when hopefully they’d be so tired from their late nights they’d want a bit of a lie in.

Not a chance. I’m not sure if it was Emily who went, “Sophie, are you awake?” at 6am or vice versa but soon enough the girls were up, yabbering away and playing with Sophie’s dolls’ house. Cute…(although an hour or more later would have been preferable.)

The early morning wake up call

As a result, after church, the girls were really really tired and eating lunch proved a stretch too far for our tired little girl who took herself off to bed after a rushed goodbye to her friend. She’d loved the weekend but, much like her Daddy, she needed her sleep to function.

Emily was quite happy to finish off her lunch and then head into the car for the long journey home with a full tummy, a teddy to cuddle and the prospect of a nice long sleep.

The verdict then? Worth having two toddlers sleeping in the same room together?

Well, we’ve booked in Round Two at theirs in a couple of months time. Looking forward to it already…