She’s walking!

There’s something remarkable about seeing your little baby take their first independent steps.

Yes, she’s been active with her walker for some time, zooming around at a pace that would put Lewis Hamilton to shame. However, her new found willingness to stand unsupported and totter around makes her seem so grown up!

Her walking training has been fairly intense. Up and down the street with the walker, walking along holding my hand, stepping from furniture to furniture.

During one particularly memorable walking session, Sophie walked her walker round the corner into an overflow car park behind our house, parked up next to a shiny silver BMW and smiled at me as if to see, “No Big Deal.”


Our favourite walking training game was a simple “Pass the Baby.” Sophie would be loaded into someone’s arms like a cannon, pointed in the direction of a friendly family member and launched to bundle over into them. Such a joy to watch her walk even those two or three steps unaided before plummetting into their arms with a giggle.

Such rapturous applause ensues!

She enjoys walking round to our friends Annie and Mark who live just round the corner. She will totter up their path and lean on the doorway, banging with great vigour and giddiness. They’re probably unsure about whether or not to open it.


I first saw her stand up independently in front of the magazine section at the Co-op – glamourous. She was just weighing up whether to buy Private Eye or New Statesman and pulled herself to her feet to check them out a little more closely. I thought she’d have gone for FourFourTwo or Match of the Day magazine but there’s still plenty of time for that! It was amazing watching her standing there, two hands in the sky as though she wanted help but balancing precariously on her own two feet.

We’ve seen incredible improvements over the past few weeks and she’s getting her first pair of shoes this weekend! It’s going to be really special. Converse? Havaianas? Reebok Classics?! Probably a pair of sensible Clarks.

Sophie's first pair of shoes?

Sophie’s first pair of shoes?

Still, at least they’ll last!

I was away for the whole of last week and she’d only just started walking the weekend before I left. When I came back home from work on the Monday night, she was waiting outside with my wife in the front garden. Pulling up on the pavement, I got out of the car and she tottered over to me. Forget stuttering confidence, she bundled foot over foot to get to me as quickly as possible. It was so lovely!

She suddenly seemed to be way beyond a baby girl and much more of an adventurous toddler, checking out the world for herself and exploring previously inaccessible areas.

It will keep us on our toes (!) and I intend to enjoy every minute of it!