I’ve heard talk of people taking to the water like the proverbial duck and thought nothing of it.

In fact, if Sophie’s previous experience of water is anything to go by (Baby Splash – you sink or swim) then she was a long way away from spreading her wings and, er, swimming.

However, three months on and after her first official swimming lesson, she looks absolutely at home in the water.



Don’t get me wrong. She’s not exactly Michael Phelps or Ellie Simmonds just yet. But she’ll happily kick and splash her legs and even, shock horror, is happy to be dunked in and get her face wet.

We’ve come a long way since those horrific days of Humpty Dumpty’s great fall!

Perhaps in ten weeks time when her course of lessons is up, we may have a genuine water baby on our hands.

What a shame she’s too big for the Moses basket now otherwise that would have been perfect!