When Mummy’s ill

We’ve had Sophie long enough now to barely remember what time was like before we had a baby. I mean, what did we actually use to do in the early days evening, before family church, bath and bedtime routine became commonplace?

The new way of things has become so engrained that I hadn’t realised just how reliant I’d become on my wife for so many things.

While I’m marking, planning, stressing, she’s quietly and brilliantly getting on with running everything. She does it so well and regretfully I thank her far too rarely.

Until she falls ill. Then it all turns upside down.

Unlike me, and most men actually (!), she’s a hardy soul and her immune system is of a good old fashioned built to last kind. Colds, sickness, disease flee from her battle hardened white blood cells.

This week though she has been struck down and struck down hard. And all those amazing things which she so wonderfully takes care of have suddenly become my responsibility.

Like tidying. Our 9 month old makes a tremendous amount of mess, be it food, clothing, toys and to top it all she’s been a bit ropey too this week. I came home early from work to sort everything out and I couldn’t fathom just how much needed clearing up.

Or disinfecting. Floors, high chair trays, bathroom. My wife takes it all in her stride…if I see another Dettol anti bacterial wipe before Christmas it’ll be too soon. The way they stick to each other and even if you only want one, the packet vomits out ten. Shudder.

Cooking, cleaning, bins, feeding, shopping, mailing, phone calls, (whisper it quietly) Christmas present buying… the list of households job is massive you know that. But with Jess laid low and unable I’ve been manfully taking on all, rather than the usual just some. And I guess my school marking will have to wait a couple of days. Exhausted :).

But what an eye opener. Aren’t mums brilliant! I even asked my mum to help out and she was equally tremendous.

Lets hear it for “Mummy” – and hope you get well soon!!


  1. Joe you are such a star! Hope jess is well soon. We’re away in the caravan in the wilds of Derbyshire, and I have no voice! Dave thinks it’s his birthday!!

    Love and hugs to all xx

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