So it’s been ten days since I last updated this – as if you’ve all noticed! – and it’s been strange not having the ability to write on it. I’ve not quite had itchy fingers or felt the queasy pangs of withdrawal symptoms but it has been odd.

Thank you to all who’ve accessed this blog so far.

I guess the original thinking behind it was to chronicle the early stages of Sophie’s life, be a store of memories, a way to laugh at funny/tough times and hopefully share with her one day (perhaps at her wedding!)

Allied to that was a desire to comment on anything noteworthy in the sporting world and bring in my Christian faith where possible.

After eight months of blogging, I hope I’ve achieved that and I’m excited about the next stage.

Sophie turns 1 next month – unbelievable stuff! – and we’re facing both new challenges and new joys of parenting.

Blackburn Rovers’ inexorable march to the Premier League continues (yeah right!).

Josh King - the reserve  who ripped Stoke apart in the FA Cup

Josh King – the reserve who ripped Stoke apart in the FA Cup

The return to work for both of us and adapting to Sophie going to childcare for some of the week.

All I can say is that I’m looking forward to recording it and I hope you stick with it!