I have recently discovered a place that we should all know about.

Whilst researching what to do as a family, my wife and I were pointed in the direction of a “Soft Play” Centre a couple of miles away. And wow. These places are amazing!

Now I know they’re aimed at children.

In fact, the one we visited had an age limit of 10 and once they got past 3 and into the “big area” it was strictly no adults allowed.

But that’s just ruining the fun.

If they had Soft Play centres for adults, literally everyone would go there. They’re awesome! Like Fun House but with less mullets and unfortunately no go-karts.

Fun House

We took Sophie into this giant warehouse place and she was in awe of the cushions, apparatus and ball pools. Now she wasn’t able to go and access the giant slides and tunnels in the area for the older children – but her section had plenty going for it.

If it was to be opened up to adults, they would need to make it slightly more size-friendly. I mean, I don’t mind climbing through tunnels but trying to navigate narrow steps underneath ceilings that would make a Cheese Press look high, all while carrying a baby was not easy!

Cheese press

Provided you survived the journey up, the top of the apparatus was a hidden sensory room, full of bubble machines, a ball pool which lifted its contents into  the air and a projector that played meditative videos of the Earth, complete to a relaxing soundtrack.

Plenty to get your teeth into you’d have thought but Sophie wasn’t interested in those. She loved the floor to ceiling mirrors. Stick her in front of one of those and she would not stop giggling. I’m not sure why – now she is related to me and therefore shares some of my features but she’s far cuter. It can’t be that she finds her appearance funny – can it?

This was the moment we discovered our child was getting mobile though. Apparently, sitting a long way away from the mirrors wasn’t enough for Sophie and she pulled herself forward to get as close to the giggling girl in the glass as she could. Fantastic to watch!

As for busyness? Well, at one point, an inquisitive child (older than Sophie) crawled over the say hello and check out what she was doing. Instinctively, she turned to him, babbled at the top of her voice and grinned inanely at him.

Faced with a scarily ranting baby, the toddler quickly scarpered. I’m pleased to see Sophie has inherited my gift for making friends easily (!).

What a fantastic morning out though. Even from just one experience, I can’t recommend Soft Play highly enough. Need a venue for a Stag Do?? I could foresee that getting very crazy indeed!