Why shift work has brought Christmas round more quickly

It can’t just be that now I’m comfortably into my 30s ,Christmas appears on the horizon more quickly.

I know the grey hairs are proliferating but I can’t accept that’s the reason.

I prefer to blame the ever shifting nature of shift work and the weird impact on the body.

Take afternoon evening shifts for example. I’ve done a lot of 12-8s over the past two months and the day pattern is strange.

Having two young children means early get-ups regardless so I’m up pre 7 sorting them out, doing the school/nursery run before getting home 9.15ish.

An hour or so of household chores – makes me sound like a teenager – and then I’m thinking about work and setting off.

Then once I’ve got home from work (9ish) it’s dinner and bed before the process starts all over again.

Sure with school I’d almost certainly be home before 6 but the crazy evenings of working till late at the kitchen table meant days definitely lasted longer than they do now.

Then there’s the earlies. Up at half 5 for a 7am start and home for 4pm. Once the children are sorted, dinner has been eaten and tidied, it’s pretty much bedtime yet again.

I’m probably getting more sleep at least…just about.

My body doesn’t know whether it should be craving breakfast, lunch or dinner not to mention what time these should be eaten at. It still knows thankfully that chocolate and mince pies go down an absolute treat.

It’s dark early and wanting to go to sleep creeps in earlier and earlier each day. Or so it seems.

In no time though, the nights have closed in, December has flown and Christmas is less than two weeks away.

Suppose I should probably think about getting some presents…

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  1. It’s amazing to realise what’s on the ‘other side’ and that there is life afterwards…onwards n upwards!
    Roll on 2018, can’t wait for it!

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