This summer I’ve been a musician, a youth worker, a stay at home Dad and a tourist. 

However, with just eight days left until the return to school for thousands of children across the UK, I’ve been required to don the latest of my vocational hats. 

An interior designer!

In one sense, it’s quite restricted. As a teacher you get four walls, a bunch of tables, some bookcases and a few chests of drawers and you get on with it. 

But in another way the brief is to capture the imagination of thirty young people and inspire them to great success from the moment they enter the room. 

No pressure then. 

This year I’ve moved into a different classroom to go and teach Year 4. Sounds simple on paper but the process is fairly lengthy. 

1. Move my junk out of my previous classroom .

2. Tidy up the stuff of the previous teacher from the new classroom.

3. Organise my junk into a useful and foolproof system in the new classroom. 

4. Get inspiring!

No mean feat.

I’m not as creative as some teachers but I do like making displays which are vibrant and interesting to look at. 

The drawback of this though is I’m quite reliant on children’s work to make it look funky and exciting. 

Which, with the term still eight days away, they’ve not done any of yet! 

So I’ve set it up to the best of my ability. Tables are equipped with stationery, display boards are backed (thanks for your help, Mum!), books are labelled and trays are stacked with resources. 

Bring it on. (After a week’s holiday of course!)