World Cup Review

Even though, she can’t talk just yet, Sophie enjoys wordplay.

On the day of the World Cup Final, do try and enjoy (or at least endure) her alternative version of this year’s World Cup.

Sophie:: I hope I’m not Robben anyone else’s idea but I thought it was important to pay tribute to the personalities who had made this such a special tournament.

It may have Costa lot to host, but it has been truly a wonderful competition. There have been Krul moments: Brazil Luiz-ing so heavily to Germany, Costa Rica’s Gaaldly deserving to go out on penalties, Holland Sneijderly taking away Mexico’s passage to the quarter finals.

It all got a bit Messi for England, but mainly because they Alve(y)s build themselves up. England tried in Baines to qualify, but they had a Low opinion of Uruguay and it came back to bite them. It was no surprise to see them Ga-go out.

Rather than take his punishment properly, Suarez sHulked back to his own country crying injustice. The authorities there Blindly supported him, thinking he is Godin the flesh. (Sorry guys, but that’s already been done!)

Fortunately, his actions did not Vlaar the competition, even if it was Hazardous playing against him.

Tributes should be paid to the Sterling efforts of teams like Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Algeria. Well done. But anyway, the Germans will probably go and win. Nothing Neuer there then.

I had to Pique and choose the matches I watched. From tomorrow there will be Ney-mar fixtures. Howar-dad and mum going to cope?



  1. I’m de friending you….shocking commentary…!!!! #areyoutryingtofillhansensshoes?

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