Over recent years, World Book Day has become a primary school institution.

From the Gruffalo to the BFG and back again, children (or perhaps their parents!) have shown themselves to be experts in the art of turning themselves into book characters.

Sure, you always have the ones that come in football kit – professional clubs have football annuals and programmes after all! – but the imagination many show is incredible.

(For once, you have no trouble spotting Where Wally is… all the teachers have come dressed as him to take the easy option – don’t knock it. I’ve been there!)

But this year, as I was doing my usual copious outfit planning, I started wondering what World Book Day might look like outside the primary school bubble.

World Book Day

What if, for one day only, the City of London was filled with bankers dressed as The Cat in the Hat or Thomas the Tank Engine?

Or if David Cameron turned up at his EU “Make or Break” Brexit talks dressed as Voldemort? I’m not sure portraying himself as a angry madman with far too much power for his own good would be the way forward…(still if the cap fits…!)

Or maybe professional sportsman showed up for their competition dressed in everything from Gandalf to Sherlock Holmes with a splash of Hermione Granger or Elizabeth Bennet thrown in there? I think it would intimidate their international competitors!

If you’re reading this, what suggestions do you have for the most bizarre combination of job and character?

Who would you be if you had to  go to work dressed as a character?

I’m genuinely intrigued to find out!

Answers on the comments here, or to my Twitter using the #WorldBookDayForAdults