Collecting football stickers is dangerously addictive.

Sophie does not want to give up these beauties

Sophie does not want to give up these beauties

There’s probably a lot of mums reading this thinking that there isn’t anything addictive about collecting football stickers…but I’m hoping that plenty of self-respecting football following blokes (and girls too!) will be nodding along in agreement.

I haven’t collected stickers for many years. Gone are the days when £1 would buy you four packets of eight stickers (bargain!). I can well remember receiving the Merlin Premier League 95-96 album for Christmas and eagerly tearing open the stickers, desperately hoping for the Blackburn Rovers shiny, or at the very least Alan Shearer.

But I’m not a kid anymore. I was just nine years old in the glory days of collecting stickers. Surely I’ve grown out of it…

Well, maybe not. A couple of years ago I tested the water with my Year 5 class during Euro 2012. The theory was, I invest in a sticker album, the class collect their own anyway and fill the communal one with their swaps. It was quite a good idea, many of the boys enjoyed it but did we come close to filling it? No way.

However, with Brazil 2014 just around the corner, I started earlier with my class sticker album and it’s really taken off. I’ve had children who aren’t collecting spend their pocket money on packs of stickers for the class album. One girl, who couldn’t care less about football, brought a lump to my throat when she proudly presented me with a pack of stickers which she’d bought especially for us.

We’ve done some swapping. One child’s neighbour is a real sticker fan – the kind who goes to CostCo and snaps up the wholesale boxes with over 100 packs in. Now that’s commitment. But he’s got tons of swaps and we’ve tried to get hold of a few of them. With some success.

Recently though it’s been half term so no children to contribute to the album. I’ve been pestering my wife to let my class have more stickers. Our good friend Becks bought a pack of six packets of stickers last week – 4 for us and 1 each for her boyfriends nephews (aged I think 5 and 3 #targetaudience). I’ve even roped in Sophie, just to try and avoid the fact that actually, it’s my sticker album and I’m addicted!

Don’t get me wrong, Sophie has enjoyed finding Yaya Toure, the Maracana stadium and Alexandros Tziolis (4 times) almost as much as me, but seeing as she has little to no finger control, sticking them in the album has proved quite tricky.

Today was a good day as we had 27 out of 30 new stickers, including a complete stadium and the Honduras shiny. We’re up to 26% complete (I’ve got the app so my class can know how we’re doing) and motoring forward.

It’s back to school on Monday and maybe some over-excited children will have some brand spanking new stickers…let’s get sticking!